Renovation Podcast – Dr. Christopher Cone and John Oglesby explore practical aspects of the Christian life – wrestling with tough theological issues and talking about why the questions and answers are relevant. Cone and Oglesby challenge themselves and their listeners to enjoy the renovation process that God does in us, renewing our minds through His word.

Thinking on Scripture is about promoting a Biblical worldview predicated on a plain reading of God’s word.  The Bible is a revelation from God to man that addresses such matters as the origin of the universe, mankind, evil, etc.  Scripture does not address these subjects exhaustively, but what it does reveal is true, and this provides a foundation for interpreting the world around us.  Scripture also reveals that God is actively involved in the daily affairs of mankind and that He directing history for His purposes and glory. 

Latest Episodes

Latest Episodes

  • Soteriology Lesson 3 - Introduction

         Concerning the transmission of original sin, Jesus is the sole exception, for Mary’s virgin conception meant Jesus was not born with the […]

  • Acts 6:8-15 - Facing Persecution

    Introduction      Luke had previously addressed the conflict that arose in the early church between the Hellenistic Jews and the native Jews over […]

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