by S. Jeff Heslop

– Charles Hodge was an outstanding Princeton theologian of the 19th century.  He taught theology for some 50 years and was known around the world.  He also held missions work in the highest regard.

About a year before his death he was personally congratulated for all of his accomplishments.  Here is Dr. Hodge’s reply.  “Now stop!  All that can be said is, that God has been pleased to take up a poor little stick and do something with it.  What I have done is as nothing compared with what is done by a man who goes to Africa, and labors among a heathen tribe, and reduces their language to writing.  I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose the shoes of such a man.

Because of his great learning in the Scriptures, Dr. Hodge had a great love for missions.  He knew God and, therefore, also knew the central place in God’s heart for missions.


Originally published at Ezra710

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